Partner projects on the annual themes

An essential pillar of the work of the Oderbruch Museum are the partner projects from the fields of art and culture distributed throughout the Oderbruch on the respective annual themes. Since 2021 it is the Kommunale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oderbruch, which makes this important project work at the cultural heritage sites possible through its cultural fund.
Here you will find an overview of the various projects.

Partner projects for the annual theme 2023 Youth

From Dragon Time to Future Spaces - Nine Projects at Cultural Heritage Sites

Go to Annual theme 2023 Youth  nine projects are being funded. The topics are diverse, ranging from the production of a music video with young people from the correctional facility in Wriezen to collages on future dreams and spaces to joint kite building. All partner projects will be presented here in detail as soon as public dates have been set or initial work results are available.

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With the Buschdorf Kite Festival on October 21, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the KiteTime reaches its climax and conclusion. [...]

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In Oderberg there is no meeting place, no bathing place, no kick area, no retreat for young people. In cooperation with the cultural heritage site Binnenschifffahrtsmuseum Oderberg and the association Perspektive Oderberg e.V., Theater OKNO would like to open up a creative and emotional space for young people from Oderberg in dance and knitting rounds to discuss questions about the perspective of young people. The results flow into a Dance theater piece and an exhibition presented in the city and in the Museum Park.

What youth means at a certain time or in a certain place can also be told through the objects that were and are related to young people. Photographer and filmmaker René Arnold wants to search for such objects in the collections of various heritage sites and engage in conversation with young people about them. The results of the project "Youth in 24 objects" will be on display in a traveling exhibition.

We will also inform you about the progress of the projects, event dates and results via our Newsletter  and on the page

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Partner projects for the annual theme 2022 Nature

Partner projects for the annual theme 2021 Stubbornness