The Pfaffen Herbs Tour

is a guided bike excursion during which the history of the Oderbruch, its landscape and three special heritage sites can be experienced. In addition to guided tours of the monuments, native herbs are collected along the way and animals are observed. We will end the day with a regional feast.
This special bike tour connects the heritage sites of the half-timbered church of Sietzing, the school and prayer house of Wuschewier and the Long House in Altfriedland and introduces participants to the local flora and fauna, especially the wild and medicinal herbs of the region as well as the bird life.

The tour begins at 9:30 a.m. Pastor Arno Leye welcomes the cyclists and leads them through the half-timbered church of Sietzing. A herbal smoothie made from local herbs gives strength for the bike tour. In Wuschewier, there will be a guided tour of the prayer house at 11:00 a.m. and the "Marmeladencafe" will serve freshly baked bread and homemade jams.
A farm tour of the Weideblick ostrich farm and a stop at the bird tower, where herbs can be collected and birds observed, are the next stops.
The tour will reach Altfriedland around 2:00 pm. Here guided tours of the monastery complex in Altfriedland, the church and the Long House are planned. You can also expect a small herbology there. The Pfaffentour will end with a meal together at the Lange Tafel.

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For participation, registration is requested by 22.8.2022

Registration & Contact
Ulrich Dahl
LANGES HAUS Altfriedland e.V.
Meirangasse 5
15320 Altfriedland
033476-603 852

The Pfaffentour is a cooperation of:
Friends of the half-timbered church Sietzing e.V.
Association long house Altfriedland e.V. and
Support Association School & Prayer House Wuschewiere.V.