Diorama competition

In 2021 we launched our first call for a diorama competition at the Oderbruch Museum, which has taken place annually since then. Every year we ask you to immortalize your ideas, visions and thoughts on the respective annual theme of the Oderbruch Museum in a shoebox. All results that are handed in to us will then be shown in a temporary exhibition at Altranft Castle.
Many exciting worlds have been created so far: some are so delicate that you can watch grandpa planting potatoes, for example, or they are eerie, as in the diorama where only the moon illuminates the ghosts in the dark forest; others can even move and lift boats into the air at the Niederfinow ship lift, for example. All the results together give a wonderful impression of the fullness of each year's theme.

And, of course, there is always something to win: the class, kindergarten group, or just a group of friends can come to our museum and try one of our exciting group workshops.

Many thanks to all who have participated so far and have enriched the museum with your works!

Maybe you would like to join us next time? In our Newsletter you will learn about the next call.

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