Dried tide - upheaval in the Oderbruch region

A staged reading based on Norman Ohler's novel "The Equation of Life" and conversations about nature and landscape, arranged, performed and moderated by Elisabeth Lehmann and Marie Güsewell at three cultural heritage sites

On Saturday, 25.6. at 18:00 in the harbor mill Kienitz
On Sunday, 3.7. at 15:00 in the church Altwustrow
On Sunday, Oct. 2 at 2 p.m. at the Old School Buschdorf (The Baking Barn and Basketry Museum will also be open that day).

A catfish, older than a human, that forms a bond with its huntress.
Fishermen to become farmers.
Dispute between neighbors about the pros and cons of changing their living...
Norman Ohler's "The Equation of Life" impressively describes living environments and mixed situations around the draining of the Oderbruch from 1747 onwards. Based on a selection of texts from the novel, theater creators Elisabeth Lehmann and Marie Güsewell, in cooperation with various heritage sites, are developing a staged reading followed by a conversation about nature and landscape in the Oderbruch.

What does wild nature that threatens to disappear mean to us? What might it have been like in the Bruch before it was drained? How did the people of the Bruch argue about human intervention in nature and the environment back then, and how do we continue to wrestle with this today? These questions guide the two artists in creating the reading. They bring the texts to life and reflect on what has been read.

The reading will be followed by a conversation with visitors about our relationship with nature and the landscape, what shapes it, and how we want to shape it.

Photo Hannemann