Museum Society Altranft e.V.

Museum Society Altranft e.V.
Schneiderstr. 18
16259 Bad Freienwalde OT Altranft

0 33 44 – 33 39 11

Association Board:
Vera Wesner and Bernd Neumann
Association headquarters:
Bad Freienwalde OT Altranft
Register of Associations:
VR 6308 FF Local Court Frankfurt/O

Savings Bank Märkisch Oderland
DE61 1705 4040 0020 0437 83,

Founding members of the association

Altranfter Traditionsverein e.V.

Altranfter Traditionsverein e.V.
County Märkisch-Oderland
City of Bad Freienwalde (Oder)

as well as the persons

Christian Müller-Lorenz, Kulturland Brandenburg
Frank Ecker, Chamber of Crafts East Brandenburg Region
Jana Frielinghaus, Journalist, Neubarnim
Reinhard Kampmann, Sparkasse Märkisch-Oderland
Gernot Schmidt, District Administrator Märkisch-Oderland
Katrin Seitz, Ministry for Research, Science and Culture of the State of Brandenburg
Frank Schütz, Mayor Municipality of Golzow

City of Bad Freienwalde (Oder)

City of Bad Freienwalde (Oder)
Karl Marx Street 1
16259 Bad Freienwalde

0 33 44 – 41 21 21

Academy for Landscape Communication e.V.

Academy for Landscape Communication e.V.
Heike Schönherr and Prof. Dr. Uta Steinhardt
Croustillier 20
16259 Oderaue

0 33 44 – 30 07 48

Association for the Promotion of Employment and Qualification Bad Freienwalde e.V. (VFBQ)

The Association for the Promotion of Employment and Qualification Bad Freienwalde e.V. (VFBQ) was founded on 10.01.1992 and since then has been active in the employment and education sector for unemployed people. In the last 25 years, its field of activity has expanded enormously, so that German-Polish cooperation, educational projects and self-help initiatives are part of its spectrum.

Since 2015, the VFBQ has been building up a social enterprise. The VFBQ has already accompanied the museum for over 20 years through the supervision of work promotion measures and has also been committed to the reorganization of the museum from this experience. Its attention is mainly focused on shaping the museum as a partner in social responsibility.

VFBQ Bad Freienwalde e.V.
Sabine Baarsch
Am Weidendamm 7
16259 Bad Freienwalde

0 33 44 – 33 19 41