Rooms and exhibitions

Castle park

Oderbruch Museum im Park


The Altranfter Schlosspark is a gem of Brandenburg landscape architecture.

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Schloss Altranft


Today, the castle is the central exhibition building of the Oderbruch Museum.

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Besucher vor Fotowand

The Oderbruch

Water system, agriculture, building culture, people, nature

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Besucher vorm gespinst

The web

A work by Antje Scholz about the idiosyncratic topography of the Oderbruch, its tense water conditions, and the tightrope walk of life for the villages in the polder...

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Cultural heritage sites of the Oderbruch

with helpful information, plus small travel guides to take home.

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Letters to the Studiolo

An exhibition by museum visitors

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Marble run

Oderbruch Murmelbahn

A game object

Reinier Scheer's Oderbruch Marble Run describes approximately the water system of the northern fracture between Güstebiese, Wriezen, Bad Freienwalde and Hohensaaten...

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Ansicht Studiolo

A study room for the Oderbruch...

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Vaulted cellar

100 objects Oderbruch

The Oderbruch in hologram representations of meaningful objects that tell something about the landscape.

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Upper foyer

Ansicht Ausstellung

Altranft in ten chapters

Approach to the village history. From the old fishing village to the estate farming village, from the socialist culture house to the open-air museum...

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Room 4

Yellow salon

Gelber Salon mit Bank

Invitation to talk 

In the Yellow Salon, you won't be sitting comfortably, but you'll be sitting at eye level with everyone else and sharing responsibility for the conversation....

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Men's room

Films and archives

The room, furnished with Wilhelminian-style interiors, is today also a TV room...

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Picture Salon

„Oderbruch-Aquarelle“ von Martina Dost

Changing art exhibitions

The Oderbruch in the artistic debate

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Resonance chamber

Objects on the theme of the year and the opportunity to leave comments and thoughts on the description table.

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Dining room

Auschnitt Ausstellung

F(r)ish and game

The taste of rupture in nine photographs and four booklets

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Literature about museums, old crafts, agriculture and forestry, industry, folklore and of course about the Oderbruch...

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Museum workshop


Giveaway collection

In the Heimatarbeit project, young people from four schools explore exciting work biographies each year

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Museum workshop

Offene Werkstatt


A space to try out and create for children, teenagers and adults...

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Mountain Schmidt farmhouse

Spruchtafel auf Tapete


Built in 1829 after a village fire, the interior exhibition of the farmhouse today presents furniture and

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Fieldstone barn


A magic of work

At the Berg-Schmidt-Hof, we are presenting the fascinating installation "A Magic of Work" by Antje Scholze, consisting of a variety of wrought-iron craft tools.

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Brick Barn

Show depot

In the brick barn of the farm, built in 1892, we develop step by step a show depot

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Fishermen's house ensemble


Student workshops and installation

An old farm worker's cottage, prepared for the workshops offered by the museum...

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Honor, heart, fire, water - and youth: an installation on the volunteer fire department of the present.

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Patronage church

Kronleuchter mit Deckengemälde

Patronage church

The Altranfter church has always been a daughter church of the Freienwald church, but the lords of the manor had held a patronage here for centuries.

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Forge Yard


The blacksmith's farmstead belonged to the Altranft blacksmith Ernst Charlé and bears witness to the golden soil of the old craft.

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