Information on accessibility in the Oderbruch Museum Altranft

General notes


By car
From Berlin via the B158 and B167.
There is ample free parking and two handicapped parking spaces available directly in front of the museum. You are welcome to drive up to the front of the museum by appointment, get in and out, and then re-park.
Trail conditions: dirt roads, gravel.
By train
Altranft station is a stop on the RB 60 Eberswalde-Wriezen railroad line.
The museum is about 1100 meters walking distance from the train station.
Trail conditions: dirt roads, cobblestones, gravel.
Public transport
The following bus lines depart from Bad Freienwalde train station: 875/885/886/889/958.
The stop is about 700 meters from the museum.
Trail conditions: dirt roads, cobblestones, flagstones, gravel.

Information about the outdoor area of the museum

There is no barrier-free entrance.

Museum information

The individual levels in the museum are not barrier-free accessible.
There are lockers on the first floor.
Throughout the museum you have free wifi.
The doors to the exhibition rooms are always open during opening hours.
The toilet areas on the first floor are equipped with a disabled toilet and an emergency button. The toilet does not have a turning circle. 
There is ample seating in the exhibit areas.
Throughout the museum building, obstacles (such as door thresholds,
Stairs) not marked.
There is catering in the museum, which is partially barrier-free. There are
Seating inside the museum and outside.

You can find our admission prices on our home page under the heading Museum and
Visitor info.
Visitors with a severely disabled pass and their
Accompanying persons receive a reduced entrance fee.
Information material about the museum and its offers in German and English can be found in the museum, on the homepage and in the social networks.
You are welcome to borrow an audio guide.

Do you have any questions about the museum? Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.
Oderbruch Museum Altranft
Am Anger 27
16259 Bad Freienwalde/ OT Altranft
Tel. 03344 333911
Our museum employees are sensitized to the topic of accessibility and in dealing with different target groups in the museum.
We are happy to adapt to simple language.
We will be happy to help and support you in planning your visit to the museum and during your stay.
We will be happy to prepare inclusive placement offers on request and by arrangement.

Further target group oriented hints

Information for visitors with walking difficulties

Unfortunately, not all of our buildings have wheelchair access. However, we are working on an improvement and will do our best to help you with access. You are welcome to book your visit in advance at
0 33 44 - 33 39 11 by telephone so that we can prepare for this. 

Information for blind and visually impaired visitors

See General Notes.
The museum does not have a guide system for the blind. If necessary visit our
Exhibition gladly with an accompanying person.
Guide dogs are allowed in the exhibition halls.
Throughout the exhibition, the objects may be touched.
The lighting conditions are different in the individual exhibition areas. There is daylight in the exhibition area, but artificial light is also used. Individual objects are additionally illuminated. We make sure that our rooms and objects are well illuminated.
Almost all exhibits can be viewed without glass.

Information for deaf and hearing impaired visitors

The museum does not have an induction loop system.
There are currently no videos with sign language.

Information for visitors in wheelchairs

See General Notes.
Doors, entrances and aisle widths throughout the museum area are not wheelchair accessible. A turning circle given.
The reception counter does not have different heights and cannot be moved underneath. Communication while seated is possible.
The showcases can be viewed for the most part.
The exhibition texts are partially at sight level.
The disabled toilet does not have a sufficient turning circle.

Tips for families

See General Notes.
The exhibition rooms are partially accessible with a stroller.
All family members are welcome to participate in our hands-on stations.
There is a baby changing area. Upon request, we will also be happy to provide you with a quiet area
provided for breastfeeding. Please contact us. 

Notes for seniors

See General Notes.

Information for visitors with learning difficulties

In the museum you can not yet read texts in plain language.
You can ask questions.
There are many objects.
You can learn a lot in the museum.
We look forward to seeing you.

Notes for non-native speakers

Guided tours can be conducted in English.
Please register in advance.
In the museum you will find introductory information in English.
We offer english guided tours.
Please register in advance.
In our museum you will find some preliminary information in English.

The accessibility information provided here was created on site and is reviewed regularly.

The notes on accessibility were prepared together with the Museumsverband des Landes Brandenburg e.V..