Landscape education

Landscape education is the interdisciplinary focus offered by the Oderbruch Museum Altranft as a special form of cultural education.

In Landscape Education, we want to explore with young people how they can experience and use local resources. And the best way to do that is to talk to people in the region. We therefore implement our offers together with a large network of partners, who we visit with school classes, for example, or bring to the museum as workshop leaders.

Our topics of conversation, which have to do with life here, its possibilities and impossibilities, we bring into other forms: different techniques lead us deep into regional questions and show us forms of expression with which we learn to talk about the landscape. From cooking to painting, from drama to photography, we work practically and creatively!

Heimatarbeit Bus


The school project Heimatarbeit we visit with students people in the Oderbruch and ask them about life and work in the Oderbruch [...]


You do not know Landscape Education?

Then get an impulse from the region!
Use our documentations of the projects for your work or participate in our trainings!
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<<< In addition to this, the Oderbruch Pavilion provides insight into landscape education concepts with many real-world examples.
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Appointments for further training are made according to interest.


Landscape education and transfer
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