Open the doors!


With a special program day, the Oderbruch Museum Altranft looks back on the past year and opens its doors for a new season.

Is it the theme or the wealth of new exhibition content that has prompted the Oderbruch Museum in Altranft to open its doors in March - a month earlier than usual? "Both" is the ambiguous answer. On the one hand, the museum is longing for its guests and has had enough of the gray winter. "On the other hand, there are always new things to present," explains our program manager Kenneth Anders. "That's why we've decided to shorten the closing time and therefore offer more program days."

The museum is kicking off a new season with one of these special days, which attract interested visitors to Altranft on the first Saturday of every month for free admission. Before devoting itself entirely to the 2024 annual theme of "Church", there will be an event on March 2 at 11 o'clock First a review. From 11am the museum's research collective presents the book on last year's annual theme "Youth": a collection of interviews conducted with (mostly young) Oderbruch residents that have "fed" the museum's work. In front of the exhibited photos by Michael Anker, Stefan Schick and Heike Zappe and the brilliantly designed 24 graphics created by Berlin artist Henning Wagenbreth to accompany the texts, selected passages from the book will be read at the premiere.

This is followed by 1 pm in the so-called Herrenzimmer. In future, a collection of the estate of the poet Gustav Schüler, who was born in Königlich Reetz in 1868 and was known far beyond the Oderbruch region at the time, will be on display here. In conversation with the author's granddaughter and other family members, we will look back on his life and work.

In the early afternoon at 2:30 pm the term "guest exhibition" takes on a new meaning in our cabinet in front of the so-called Studiolo. In recent years, visitors to the Studiolo have made surprisingly frequent and creative use of the opportunity to draw with ink and quill and write very direct messages. Selected works are shown under the title "Letters to the Studiolo".

To 3 pm the exhibition "Oderbruch Watercolors" by Martina Dost will open in the picture salon on the upper floor of the castle.

Anyone who feels inspired by Martina Dost's 14 works to pick up a paintbrush themselves can do so immediately on the day of the program: All-round artist Peggy Neumann gives instructions in watercolor painting and invites young and old to the museum workshop.

The museum's education department will also be showcasing its work. Over the past year, numerous artworks, projects and interventions have been created in collaboration with young people, which will also be highlighted on this day.

With such an extensive program, winter will certainly be put in its place once and for all.

The first ray of sunshine awaits guests at the entrance: admission is free (as on all program days).


Sat. March 2, 2024
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