Leave the church in the village - in the Wuschewier school and prayer house

Photo Stefan List

Concert, film and talks in the Wuschewier school and prayer house. July 6 from 3 p.m. and September 14 at 6 p.m.

This year, the Wuschewier School and Prayer House is focusing on the annual theme of "Church". On July 6, from 3 p.m. we dare to experiment with juxtaposing tradition and modernity and seek to discuss the future of our small village church.
Two unique organ concerts will fill the historic walls with sound. Bicycle cantor Martin Schulze from Frankfurt Oder will offer a traditional concert with his masterly organ art. After a short break, he will be replaced by pianist René Arnold, who will then reinterpret the old Mickley organ in an unconventional way. With modern sound tools and his artistic innovation, he will open up a completely new perspective on organ playing. A sound experience that unites past and present.
After these concerts, we would like to enter into a stimulating discussion with villagers, church members and interested parties: "Leaving the church in the village" is the topic that not only moves the village community and the members of the Wuschewier School and Prayer House Association. Moderated by journalist Stephanie Lubasch and accompanied by Pastor Arno Leye, the aim is to discuss how the church can open up further and become a place for all people in the village and beyond. How can we work together to ensure that the church is not only a place of faith, but also a place of cohesion and participation?
Together, we want to reflect on the importance of our church community for our village and find ways to make it even more vibrant.
We look forward to seeing you there and to an inspiring evening full of music, discussion and fellowship!

At September 14, from 6 p.m. there will be a film screening in the Wuschewier School and Prayer House. The moving and humorous film "Adam's Apples" by Danish director and screenwriter Andres Thomas Jensen will be shown. In this gripping drama, Pastor Ivan is accompanied on his mission to save even the most lost souls. With unwavering faith and unconditional kindness, he attempts to resocialize offenders on parole. But when he meets the challenging Adam, who threatens to destroy his faith in goodness, their encounter becomes a battle between light and darkness, hope and despair.
After the film screening, we want to start a second round of discussions with Gorgast pastor Daniel Dubeck about the role of the church in the village. "Adam's Apples" offers us a fascinating insight into the power of faith, forgiveness and community. How can we strengthen and live these values in our own lives and in our community? What role does the church play in this?

Sat. July 6, 2024