Hiking and spirituality - On the trail of creation

Landschaftsfoto Wald
Photo Armin Herrmann

A pilgrimage trail from the Haus der Naturpflege to the Malche Mission House. Opening on September 29 at 10.00 am.

The Haus der Naturpflege e.V. and the Missionshaus Malche are developing a 10-kilometer pilgrimage trail through the diverse forest near Bad Freienwalde. The trail will be part of the Jacob's Way network and will lead from the historic garden of the Haus der Naturpflege to the light-filled valley of the Malche Mission House. If desired, the pilgrim's blessing can be received and/or a church service can begin or end the hike.
The organizers write: "It goes out into nature and onto the heights with a wide view of the Oderbruch, past places where nature has little things to amaze us that can touch our souls. Inspiration along the way: a large old oak tree, an impressive view, a forest lake and its stream, a surprising resting place will reveal to us the diversity and beauty of our region.
Bible verses and quotes from St. Hildegard von Bingen accompany us on this approx. 10 km pilgrimage. Numerous places invite us to linger and pause for a moment. In nature and at magnificent vantage points, we sense what connects us to heaven and earth. We have senses with which we can feel, see, smell, hear and perceive our environment. We want to experience this anew by often moving in silence in nature and slowing down. Then we can feel how nature comes closer to us, how we can open up to it and come to rest."
It will be possible to discover the world of wild herbs by the wayside together with a wild herb educator. Using plants for medicinal purposes is an ancient tradition. The observation of nature, or the signature of the plant, was decisive. The knowledge was passed down from generation to generation until the educated monks and nuns wrote down the first herbal books and thus laid the foundations of monastic medicine.

The opening of the spiritual hiking trail as part of the Way of St. James network with a church service and guided hike to the Malche Mission House will take place on September 29, 2024 at 10 a.m. in the historic garden of the Haus der Naturpflege.
Details will be published in good time on the website www.haus-der-naturpflege.de give.

Sun. September 29, 2024