Berg Schmidt farm

After a devastating village fire at the Anger, the Altranfter farmer and village schoolman Schmidt moved in 1829 with his belongings to the Alte Heerstraße, where he had previously farmed only a fieldstone barn. Since this place is somewhat higher than the village green, people soon spoke of the Berg-Schmidt farm. Thus the village began to expand beyond the Anger. Since the 1950s, the farm has no longer been farmed. In the 1990s, the residential building was renovated with an old people's quarters and cellar for potatoes and beets and a farm garden. 

Currently, a new show depot is being built in the brick barn of the farm, the development of which you can follow during your visits. The farmhouse is equipped with suitable interior, in small text folders we explain what is involved. 

Room Archive

The heritage of free peasants, 2018

In 2018, the Oderbruch Museum participated in the theme year of Kulturland Brandenburg "We inherit - Brandenburg in Europe, Europe in Brandenburg".

For the (at the same time own) annual theme "Agriculture" Antje Scholz and Nadja Hirsch produced the exhibition "The Legacy of the Free Farmers" on the basis of an exhibition script by Kenneth Anders and Lars Fischer. Their concern was to present the various models of peasant freedom in the Oderbruch region in historical change - from the semi-farmers or Kossäten to the small, medium and large colonists in the colonization of the 18th century and the successful peasant farms of the 19th century to the agricultural production cooperatives of the GDR era and the farms of the present day. The relationship of farmers to society thus unfolded as an ever new dialectic between the search for peasant self-determination and society's demand for the greatest possible control.

The exhibition was realized as an intervention in the interiors of the residential house of the Berg-Schmidt-Hof, later it was on display in the castle for another two years. A photo documentation of the steles can be found in the castle, the accompanying texts are published in the workshop book LANDWIRTSCHAFT.