Brick Barn

Frau steht vor Regal mit Objekten.

In the brick barn of the farm, built in 1892, we develop step by step a show depot,

to make the museum's collection visible beyond the thematic exhibition events. The individual groups of objects are presented in towers.

Room Archive

2018 - Praise of the farmer

In the annual theme "Agriculture", curator and museum maker Dr. Michael Fehr realized a main artistic project entitled "In Praise of the Farmer". The elaborate research work on material and energy cycles in agriculture in historical change sought to distinguish between ultimately industrial processes and peasant models, placed them in the context of social control and governance, and brought them together in a room-sized design so that diagrams, figures, and small dioramas could be explored as if in a large laboratory. It was complemented by film footage and numerous documents. Agriculture as an object and key element of modern metabolism became tangible here - and possibly, it seemed, it is also the key to changing it.