Digital storytelling

Sebastian and Jakob in the round of introductions

First results of an intensive vacation workshop

In 2021, the Cultural Heritage Initiative won the 6th Initiative Award of the East German Savings Banks Foundation with the project idea "Storytellers - Cultural Heritage Places Digital". As a result, the museum was able to welcome children from the age of 11 to a free workshop offer at the beginning of August. 

The idea is simple: operators of heritage sites have the regional knowledge that should be passed on to the younger generation, if not be passed on must. Young people have the interest and skills to deal with new media. Young and old come together and try out new storytelling formats, how regional knowledge can be preserved and presented digitally. The possibilities are manifold and even exceeded our expectations. 

Supported by Sebastian Probst-Lübeck from the Agenturfuerkrankemedien and the Youtuber and art comedian Jakob Schwerdtfeger produced valuable work that points to the future of storytelling. 

Till, Lillie, Mathilde, and Artur, for example, dealt with the topic in their Film with the two theories about the place name Wollup and made a dramatic film about the mega-beaver (once again: the kids did this themselves in two days - an amazing achievement):

Here are two more videos from the young participants. Once a classic Instagram story, which tells the final excursion by ship from a heritage site, the Oderberger Binnenschifffahrtsmuseum, to the ship lift Niederfinow. In addition, one troupe shot a news report for their "Kienitzer Rundschau" newspaper.

Emil, Jorek and Hannes dealt with the life of the Charlotte von Mahlsdorf and the path their furniture took to the Oderbruch Museum. For this purpose, they virtually invented a new format: a Quizcast.

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf Quizcast

Also a Website was designed. Here, a small team tells the fictional story of a cockroach and its journey to the Oderbruch Museum with texts, videos, small audio pieces and other digital storytelling options such as a quiz question and links to further information.