"Faith, Love Hope" / Photo call

The Oderbruch Museum Altranft calls on amateur photographers to show their view of the church in the Oderbruch region

"Resonance room" - this is the name given to one of the exhibition rooms on the second floor of the museum. Here is the large "description table" where guests can give free rein to their thoughts with felt pens. But it's also the site of an annual exhibition by photo enthusiasts that aims to provide insights into the minds and perspectives of the residents of the quarry. A new call now goes out to collect perspectives and impressions on the subject of "church" photographically and send them to the museum. A not quite simple topic. After all, does "church" mean the building or the institution or even the faith itself?

Questions that the entrants will have to answer for themselves. For apart from "Faith, Love, Hope," the future title of the exhibition, and the reference to the theme of the year 2024, there are hardly any specifications. "What people imagine under it should be put into the picture," says program manager Kenneth Anders. "This has also worked very well with the past exhibitions on the themes of youth and stubbornness. In this respect, we expect many submissions again." However, not only recent photos are in demand. Also rummaging in the family albums is allowed and even desired. The main thing is that a reference to the Oderbruch and the theme of the exhibition is recognizable.

The museum accepts preferentially digital media in portrait or landscape format by mail but also accepts analog photos for selection, which are then scanned. The printout is done in A4, so a corresponding quality of the files is desirable, but (preferably uncompressed) cell phone snapshots are also accepted.

It is also important to fill out and sign a permission form to exhibit the submitted photos in the museum. You can find the corresponding form here:

An internal museum jury will decide which photographs will be printed in high quality and displayed in the exhibition. The deadline for entries is January 31, 2024.

Submissions to:                                             fotos@oderbruchmuseum.de