Mobile in June?

Saturday 3 June: 20:00-24:00

Kind auf Fahrrad am Deich

Museum NIGHT on the mobility of young people

Quo Vadis, Oderbruch Youth?
Program night in the castle and castle park of the Oderbruch Museum Altranft on the theme of mobility and youth

"Mobile in June?" is the official title of the next program day and at the same time an invitation to enjoy the first half of a mild night in the illuminated castle park. The first Saturday in June is the day.
"The question mark absolutely had to be in the title," says program director Kenneth Anders, explaining the theme of the night, "because it really is an open question how young people move through rural areas with us today and how they are doing with it. As part of the summer school, we're exploring the world between home, school and gym or music school as a challenge with students from the TU Dresden and the HNE in Eberswalde." For this, schools in Bad Freienwalde, Seelow, Wriezen, Neutrebbin and Letschin are visited, where work is done with the young people on these topics.
There was already a test with sophisticated surveys in advance as part of a freshman project with the HNE. This involved interviews with a ninth grade class to better understand their perspectives and needs with regard to mobility. The initial results provide a vivid insight into the young people's thinking. For example, 70% of the respondents indicated that they prefer to spend their free time indoors. In addition, the average trip to school was three quarters of an hour long, at least in this preliminary survey.
The results of the surveys are processed in installations, performances and museum objects.
And why is the whole thing taking place in the evening? "Last year we moved this event into the night for the first time and on a trial basis. The response was so great that we now always want to go that extra mile and spend a pleasant evening with our guests. With music, talks, exhibitions and a glass of wine or two."

From 11 am to 5 pm the museum is open as usual. After a short break, the program night begins at 8 pm with a musical opening. As an open workshop offer, artist Bettina Männel invites visitors to enrich her "Map of Ways" with information and designs. This map is intended to show everyday routes to school, the soccer field and other destinations. The result is a fascinating visual representation of individual mobility in the region.

In the Bildersalon, the photo series "Manhattan - Street of Youth" by Stephanie Steinkopf, created between 2008 and 2012 in Letschin, can be seen: remarkable insights into the everyday life of the people in the "block" on the outskirts of the community.

Meanwhile, Eberswalde illuminator Sven Wallrath will bathe the castle park in multicolored light, competing with the starry sky for attention. The summer students from Dresden and Eberswalde will also provide audiovisual surprises, conquering the park and the museum musically and performatively. Texts on the theme of youth and being on the road will be read in short readings.

Admission is free from 8 p.m., but the museum team will still be happy to receive a donation.