April learning

Saturday, April 1

Installation on the theme of school in the Fisher House - photos - soul pictures - workshop book NATURE in the castle - open workshop offer

Huge, brightly colored posters are already hanging in the region's schools. The artist Henning Wagenbreth has made his very own thoughts on the topic of youth in the Oderbruch and sends three young people with a moped into the region. "Mobility is a very important topic among the young Oderbruch people. Many of the conversations we have had for our yearbook, among others, are about long distances, public transportation and carpooling. Henning Wagenbreth has implemented this wonderfully and incorporated many other allusions into the poster," says program director Dr. Kenneth Anders, who is delighted with the motif. But other themes of young life are also addressed. For example, a new installation by artist Antje Scholz on the subject of village schools will be on display at the opening of the season on April 1 in the Altranfter Fischerhaus. As usual, art is combined with history in an unusual way.

In the castle will be a Exhibition of works on landscape education of the museum will be on display - films, pictures and texts that were created last year together with children and young people. The Open workshops in the castle invite young museum visitors to the writing workshop and graphic craft collages. A new Photo exhibition of amateur photographers provides insights into young life then and now in the so-called resonance room. The Wilhelmsau art student Florian Männel shows in the newly designed picture salon his Exhibition "Images of the soul with drawn and painted portraits of young people. In the vaulted cellar tells the Exhibition "Lifelong Home Child as the first museum-based, audiovisual examination of the crimes of socialist education in the GDR, using the example of the so-called transitional home in Bad Freienwalde. "This also clearly belongs to the youth in the Oderbruch. Vulnerability, trauma and looking the other way are forcefully brought up here. An important exhibition that has found a fitting home in the cellar vault for good reason," says Lars Fischer from the museum management.

As with every annual theme, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on working with the people of the Oderbruch in 2023. "We see ourselves as a place of self-description. It is not we who want to show the Oderbruch. Rather, we give a space and the appropriate framework so that the inhabitants of the region can describe and present themselves," explains Fischer. To this end, a research team again swarmed into the region to talk to young people and people who work with young people. The conversations held are the basis for many activities and works during the museum season until the end of the year and will be compiled in a book. "We did the same thing last year, so on April 1 we'll be launching the Workshop book on the theme "Nature Presenting in a Reading."

The program day "Learning in April" begins at 11am with the reading, from 1pm the installation in the Fishermen's House will be shown and the exhibitions in the castle will be officially opened at 3pm, but can be seen all day. A live music program will round out the season opening from 11am to 5pm.

As always, admission is free, donations are appreciated.