Inherit together in August - by bike!

Saturday, August 5 11-16 h

Radfahrer auf wunderschönem Radweg

Experience cultural heritage by bike - a cabaret trip from Wriezen to the Europabrücke bridge

It's an extraordinary ride that the Oderbruch Museum Altranft and the Cultural Heritage Network are organizing on August 5: a combination of cycling, artistic performances and unforgettable moments, and a visit to a very special place. The event will start in Wriezen at the Fountain of Life in front of the historic St. Mary's Church at shortly after 11 am. From there, the route will take the cyclists to various stations in the Oderbruch, where the group "Festival Quiet Gestures" with selected performances and cabaret. A highlight of the tour is the visit to the "Rebel Church" in Altwustrow, which was built entirely without the official permission of the church and only almost became a sheepfold. After a relaxing break in the colonist village of Neulietzegöricke, the tour leads to the recently opened Europabrücke in Bienenwerder, which is ceremoniously included in the network of cultural heritage sites.

Like each of the more than 40 places, this bridge over the Oder is an important point to better understand and get to know the Oderbruch. As a symbol alone, it has great appeal. Now, with its designation as a cultural heritage site, it also receives recognition for the entirebruch. 

Participation in the tour is free of charge and has been planned so that the train from Eberswalde stops in Wriezen in time for the start and a train back can be reached equally in time. There is a coffee and cake offer at the Kolonistenkaffee Neulietzegöricke and a snack offer at the Europabrücke. The food costs must be borne by the participants themselves.

11:15 a.m. Tour starts on the market square in Wriezen at the Fountain of Life in front of St. Mary's Church
12:30 Stopover: Altwustrow Church
13:15 Stopover: colonist village Neulietzegöricke, incl. coffee and cake break.
14:45 Designation Europabrücke as a cultural heritage site
4 pm Individual return journey

Throughout the day we are surprised by the "Festival Quiet Gestures" with a wide variety of artistic performances.

Registration under: 03344 333911