A little Oderbruch thriller - the animated film

In this vacation project, a short animated film about the Oderbruch was created. Many boxes full of materials, brushes and paints, cameras, microphones and much more were available. The Oderbruch was chosen as the setting because it is the region where all participants live and where the film was made. After some initial experiments with the cameras, audio technology and the possibilities of animated films, things really got going, a story was developed and, in parallel, the film material: hundreds of individual photos, which in the end were stitched together to form a moving picture. In this way, a married couple who make a strange discovery in Sydowswiese on the Oder River could be brought to life.

A cooperation between the Medien AG Letschin and the Oderbruch Museum Altranft.
With the kind support of "Land.schafft Kulturelle Bildung", funded by Stiftung Mercator in the framework program "Kreativpotentiale".