Listen to Podcast-The Museum!

Here you can find our new podcast with, from and about the Oderbruch Museum. We use the time without guests and deal intensively with the places, spaces and people that make up the Oderbruch Museum Altranft. Moderator Alex Schirmer meets with the actors behind the scenes and asks them holes in the belly. There are facts here that they don't even learn on a guided tour. Here we go into rooms that a guest is not allowed to enter. An extraordinary acoustic tour through the Oderbruch Museum Altranft.

The gallery

The first edition of the Oderbruch Museum Altranft podcast focuses on the central space in the museum: the gallery. With Dr. Kenneth Anders and Lars Fischer, the museum's program director, we take a look at the history and the special concept of the Oderbruch Museum.


Production manager and "woman for everything" Nadja Hirsch and collection supervisor Peter Herbert tell in the so-called Studiolo of the Oderbruch Museum Altranft about their long way to the museum, why the Studiolo is called Studiolo, how the skull comes into the collection and especially what an opium spoon is used for in clock making. An educational and amusing journey through a lively collection of objects and curiosities that can only be found in Altranft Castle.

Showcase Oderbruch

Today we talk in the room "Schaukasten Oderbruch" about the room and the application belonging to it for
the European Cultural Heritage Seal. As the first cultural landscape ever, the Oderbruch can receive this seal next year. 

The dining room

In this museum season, the artist Christiane Wartenberg deals with the dining room of Altranft Castle. She collects stories and anecdotes of this room. Contemporary witnesses, guests, villagers and many more come to her and tell about the special moments they experienced here. In conversation we visit this room, its history and learn more about the approach and "takeover" by an extraordinary artist.

Landscape education

What is Landscape Education and how does the Oderbruch Museum intend to use it to introduce children, young people and adults to the region that surrounds them? In this issue, program director Dr. Kenneth Anders and the head of the "Department" of Education, Nora Scholz describe their work and why Landscape Education should be a school subject.


Every year, the Oderbruch Museum Altranft dedicates itself to a specific annual theme. In 2021, it is "Stubbornness. Museum employee Alex Schirmer talks with Lars Fischer and Dr. Kenneth Anders from the program management about the practice of the annual themes, the meaning of "Eigensinn" and a detailed outlook on this year.