Youth films heritage sites in the Oderbruch region

Pumping stations, heritage centers, churches, land and architectural monuments - exciting places that bring the cultural heritage of a landscape to life. The project "Youth Films Cultural Heritage - Places Oderbruch" is a film series on designated cultural heritage sites in the region. During a project week, the children and young people can get to know and try out filming techniques, film their own scenes, conduct interviews and, in the end, edit everything together until a short film is created and premiered.

Neuhardenberg from all corners
Vacation project with young people from Neuhardenberg
Vacation children from Podelzig explore the church ruins and the rich history of their hometown.

"Land in sight" a documentary film about the history and future of Oderberg in the north of the Oderbruch. Made in cooperation with the heritage site Binnenschifffahrtsmuseum Oderberg.

A documentary film about the Bockwindmühle in Wilhelmsaue. Made in cooperation with the Boberhaus in Letschin.

Young people from classes 7 + 8 of the Salvador Allende School in Wriezen went in search of clues to the cultural heritage site Alter Hafen in Wriezen.

Pupils project of class 5c from elementary school Seelow in Schweizerhaus Seelow
The film series "Children of Golzow" is known worldwide. The seventh part "Youth films" present us with the documentary "Dorfgeflimmer" the film museum Golzow as a cultural heritage site.
The documentary film "The Cultural Port Groß Neuendorf" was produced by young people from Ortwig, Groß Neuendorf, Letschin and Gusow together during the first week of summer vacation.
A church that no longer stands is to be rebuilt - a film by 6 students of the 7th grade of the Salvador Allende School In Wriezen.

The animated film about the school and prayer house Wuschewier was created with the secondary school Neutrebbin.