F(r)ish & Wild - the taste of breakage

The taste of rupture

Since November 5, 2022, the exhibition "F(r)isch & Wild: The Taste of Break" is served in the dining room of Altranft Castle. With photographs by Christina Bohin, Heike Zappe and Stefan Hessheimer after dishes by Kerstin Rund, Uwe Behrens and Marcel Fragola. Supplemented by four artist books by Mathilde Scholz.

The former abundance of fish in the Oderbruch is legendary: old catch lists from around 1800 count 47 species native to the Oder, from eel to dwarf stickleback. As for the game population, it is said that red deer, wild boar, roe deer and brown hare dominated as hunting game. This abundance has influenced the traditional cuisine in the Oderbruch. And today? What can be served today with fish and game and with side dishes from the landscape of the Oderbruch? What about other animals?

The chefs, Kerstin Rund, Marcel Fragola and Uwe Behrens, together with the photographers, Christina Bohin, Heike Zappe and Stefan Hessheimer, explored these questions. In cook-photographer duos have prepared multi-course dishes and photographed them in very different ways. Venison from a hunter from Groß Neuendorf, pike from an angler, tomatoes from Neulitzegöricke, wild herbs from the dike foreland, but also schnapps from Niederfinow, vegetables from the local merchant and much more were processed in the kitchens. The result is eight large-format photographs for the dining room in Altranft Castle: classic, magical, political.

Four artist books by Mathilde Scholz invite you to deepen the impression of the paintings, to take a look at the cooking itself and the ingredients chosen, as well as to learn something about the thoughts that led to the paintings.

The dining room table is rearranged with the changing seasons to create a space for reflection on the taste of the Oderbruch.

Idea: Lars Fischer
Curatorial support: Antje Scholz
Photographers: Christina Bohin, Heike Zappe and Stefan Hessheimer
Cooks: Kerstin Rund, Uwe Behrens and Marcel Fragola
Artist books: Mathilde Scholz

The exhibition "F(r)isch & Wild: The Taste of Breach" was created as part of the theme year "Art of Living - Kulturland Brandenburg 2022".

Kulturland Brandenburg 2022 is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning and the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the State of Brandenburg.

With the kind support of the Brandenburg savings banks and the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg.