The new annual theme CHURCH



Production on the building history of the Altranft church - drawings on the theme of the year - theological salon discussion - presentation of the exhibition "A Magic of Work" - open workshop offerings

In 1751/52, in just two years, the lady of the manor Caroline Marianne von Marschall had
her late husband Samuel von Marschall to build a new church on the foundations of the dilapidated half-timbered church in the middle of the village of Altranft. In the dining room, we show the production "A woman builds a church" about the history of the patron saint's church.
In the resonance room, we are showing around 80 drawings by children and photos on the annual theme of CHURCH. The newly designed description table offers space for your comments. In the Yellow Salon, cultural scientist Kenneth Anders will be talking to pastor Erhard Wurst and physicist Martin Jenssen about "God, faith and spirit" as a theological challenge. Throughout the day, an open workshop program invites you to join in.

At the Berg-Schmidt-Hof, in the presence of collector Manuel Rößler, we will be presenting the fascinating installation "A Magic of Work" by Antje Scholze, consisting of a variety of wrought-iron craft tools. You can also see and hear an electronic-experimental sound performance by the Wilhelmsau musician "Automath".

Sat. April 6, 2024
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