Open workshop digital

While the Open Workshop was unexpectedly closed for a few weeks, we decided to experiment with new formats. The result are these little videos in which our workshop leaders show different techniques and ideas that you can easily implement at home.

Open workshop #1

paint & craft with Peggy at home

Brushes and crayons, scissors, an old catalog and wooden sticks and you're ready to go: Peggy presents here how to retell the story of the mermaid from the old Oder with the simplest of means.

Open workshop #2

Sampling sounds with "Grainstorm" with Jakob and Julius

Jakob and Julius explain how you can record, edit, play sounds and much more at home with the free app "Grainstorm" (only for Android devices!).

Open workshop #3

Floral print with Peggy

Can you print with flowers? Peggy shows you how you can easily immortalize the fine structures of flowers and other plants at home on greeting cards and pictures.

Open workshop #4

Raster technique with Peggy (from cell phone to paper)

Here, Peggy demonstrates how to transfer photos from your phone to paper and enlarge them with the simplest of tools. She also shows us two simple watercolor techniques without expensive special paints.

Open workshop #5

Photo setting sizes with Stefan

Photo pro and animator Stefan explains which setting sizes there are and how you can use them.

Open workshop #6

Sound fun in the sample corner with Julius and Jakob

Make your own music video. Jakob and Julius have combined everyday sounds into a poppy beat and show you where the sounds for their instruments come from. Grab your cell phone and a video editing program, e.g. kdenlive, and you're ready to go.

Open workshop #7

Painting with salt?! - Peggy shows how it works

In this digital workshop, Peggy shows us how to conjure up great landscape paintings with a little ink and a few crumbs of salt. Her motto: EVERYONE CAN PAINT! Favorite phrase: "It's best not to try so hard."

Open workshop #8

(Oder) landscape photography with Alex

Alex has a few good tips for landscape photography in the Oderbruch for you. Whether with a cell phone or a large SLR camera, you can photograph landscapes with all devices.

Open workshop #9

DOUGHT printing with Peggy

Printing with bags? Now it is completely verr.... NO! Peggy knows exactly what she's doing. And you can follow her lead.

Open workshop #10

Cold cuts - cut art with Peggy and Jakob

Over the weekend, we would have loved to show you the Special Workshop with Peggy and Jakob. Instead, the two very different artists collaborate in this video on craft techniques with knife and scissors. Peggy explains, Jakob makes a performance out of it with sound and effects.

Open workshop #11

Peggy's toolbox - everything you need for linoleum printing

Peggy reports back from lockdown and opens her toolbox. What do you need for lino printing? Where do I go to get the best products? Peggy has the answers.

Open workshop #12

Audio Magic with Jakob - SoundWorkshop with Audiopaper

Sound magician Jakob shows you how to turn the Oderbruch (and everything else) into sounds. Find more from the audio workshop and great tutorials on all our channels. Subscribe for more!

Open workshop #13

Layers pictures with Peggy

Back in the little lockdown, Peggy explains to you with this tutorial how you can easily paint a picture with lots of depth. The perfect gift for your loved ones. Sharpen those pencils & comb those brushes!