Cultural heritage Oderbruch

Since its drainage from the 18th century, the Oderbruch has developed into one of the most interesting small landscapes in Europe. This largest populated river polder in Europe with its special rural culture has an exemplary water system and a particularly high density of architectural monuments. Due to its high historical and European significance, the Oderbruch was nominated for the European Heritage Label in 2020. Discover the Oderbruch and visit from Hohensaaten in the north

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Homeland Festival-

September 19 and 20 A landscape, four places, The bus, art, many people and a festival.What is home - seeing, hearing, talking, celebrating, participating, creating.Home is made and changes. Film by Johanna Ickert With the Heimatfestival Oderbruch we wanted to explore together with interested people from Golzow, Letschin, Wuschewier and Neurüdnitz what home means here in the Oderbruch. We presented the results on September 19 and 20, 2020 in Golzow, Letschin,

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Production manager and "woman for everything" Nadja Hirsch and collection supervisor Peter Herbert tell in the so-called Studiolo of the Oderbruch Museum Altranft about their long way to the museum, why the Studiolo is called Studiolo, how the skull comes into the collection and especially what an opium spoon is used for in clock making. An educational and amusing journey through a lively collection of objects and curiosities that can only be found in Altranft Castle.

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