100 objects Oderbruch-

Digital holographic preservation of cultural heritage objects

The village museums and local history rooms of the Oderbruch hold historical objects with a high significance. It is thanks to the efforts of many volunteers that we can understand and interpret these old things today. However, it is not always easy to mobilize the new blood in the associations and the interest of the public. The project "100 objects Oderbruch" meets with the partners of our Heritage Places a selection of collection objects that can be used to tell the story of the Oderbruch. They are photographed and made accessible with contextual information in the digital media. 

Because: The Internet does not forget.

Project management, concept, photography and realization: Alex Schirmer
Research: Tobias Hartmann and LarsFischer
Curatorial advice: Antje Scholz

Room Archive

Room Archive

Treibhaus Oderbruch - A room installation by Jakob Rüdrich

The main artistic project on the annual theme BUILDING

The project transformed the vaulted cellar of the castle into a greenhouse, as it was in the
Oderbruch can be found in various places, for example in Gusow, Voßberg, Golzow or Posedin. A metal frame and transparent film covering ensure early and climate-regulating growth, despite any adverse external conditions. A previously considered extra effort to achieve better crop yields in the future.
The Oderbruch as a landscape reflects a very similar picture: drainage and settlement were worth the effort to provide Prussia with new farmland and food.
In his greenhouse, Rüdrich presented growing tables and boxes on and in which abstracted models of typical settlement forms and buildings from different epochs "grew", thus revealing a small chronology of the building culture of the Oderbruch. Sound references to the exhibits made by hand from a wide variety of materials or supported by 3D printing reinforced the experience of a spatial laboratory Oderbruch in the greenhouse.
Jakob Rüdrich studied "regenerative energy systems", art history, musicology and architecture. He lives in the Oderbruch and works as a freelancer.