Across the field from village to village


An informative circular walk through the natural and cultural area between Altwustrow and Neulietzegöricke

The project makes the respective Features of two heritage villages over the in and natural space lying between the places experienceable: Altwustrow than Altdorf, which has been settled for centuries, originally by fishermen. Neulietzegöricke as the first foundation of a colonist new village after the beginning of the drainage. The manageable route over old field paths - two kilometers, circular route in total 4.5 km, - through the fields spreading between the villages offers visitors an easy and convenient way to visit each other's village as a walk or bicycle detour.

Logo Altwustrow

The particularities of each village and the natural spaces to be explored on the way are pointed out through 10 illustrated and concisely labeled panels along the way are pointed out. Each of the panels contains, in addition to text and image, the heritage signets (angel and house) and a top view of the route with the locations of the panels with marked circular route.

The signs enable independent use by visitors in the long term. At the same time, the signs can be locations for special events with respective possibilities for deepening and different emphases.

Guided tours in Altwustrow, in and around the half-timbered church, Spritzenhaus, four other farm and stable ensembles as well as two ground monuments - burial ground from the Bronze Age and the entire village shape are additionally possible. Altwustrow preserved its typical shape: the same applies to Neulietzegöricke, which as the first colonist village after the draining of the Oderbruch, like the old village, experienced a blossoming as a center of agricultural food sources for the growing Berlin in the unique landscape area, today awarded the seal of the European Cultural Heritage.

The inauguration of the circular trail 28 October 2022 11:00.
Meeting place is the village church Altwustrow (Angerstraße Oderaue). 
Then about an hour walk across the field to Neulietzegöricke. There you can visit the colonists' coffee.

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